Relationship RX!

Do you need a Relationship Miracle?

Are you unsure whether the relationship you’re in is the right one for you?  Do you feel like there’s a lot of push/pull dynamics going on between you and your partner?  Have you been trying to leave a relationship you know isn’t good for you… but you keep going back?  Have you been trying to hold on to a relationship despite your partner’s ambivalence?

Our relationships are one of the most precious gifts we have in life… and yet they can also be the most painful if they’re not working.  It’s stunning how little guidance we’ve been given about how to navigate our most valuable assets… our relationships. And, yet, if you asked anyone what is the most important thing in life, most people will say love.

The good news is that no matter what you’re experiencing right now… you have so MUCH MORE POWER than you realize to have things go differently!

It so often occurs to us like it’s the other person whos misbehaving and causing us to feel so bad.  AND They probably ARE misbehaving!  But when we take our attention off the other person and put it on what we can control… ourselves.  Miracles Happen!

If someone you love is dismissing your needs or treating you like you’re not important?  Like you don’t matter to them? Or worse… being emotionally or physically abusive there is SO MUCH YOU CAN DO to change things for the better?

Regardless of how your relationships have gone in the past… you CAN create the long-lasting, deeply fulfilling relationships you need to thrive!


If you are ready to Claim your right to have the happy, healthy, loving relationships you deserve…

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Become a Miracle worker in your relationships!

Together we can cause the miracle of love in your life! “Once in a while a truly gifted teacher can guide you on a life altering journey. Janet is such a teacher and Calling in The One, the journey. I can personally say that this work brought My Love to my door! I am eternally grateful.”


Jane C., NS, Canada

“Janet’s caring, sensitive and understanding approach created a very positive environment, and helped me recognize repeating patterns of the past that were preventing me from finding the love that I longed for. Thank you so much Janet, for helping me find the love of my life”


W.R., NS, Canada

“Janet is an amazing coach – loving, supportive, intuitive, intelligent, knowledgeable, creative, generous, and fun. She has all of the qualities that I could dream of in a coach – and more! Janet has helped me on many levels – personally, professionally and spiritually. I can’t imagine not having her as a supportive, guiding light in my life. While I have made progress over my life through a variety of evolution-focused efforts, I can honestly say that the changes and healing I have experienced while working with Janet have been the most pronounced and obvious to me during a short-term period. She has a satchel full of tools that really work, and with her support I have been able to keep them a part of my daily practice. I am more loving with myself and that changes everything!”

Louise M., Montana, USA

“Before beginning to work with Janet, I was highly skeptical of pretty much all self-help, life-coaching, and new age spirituality in general. Yet her deeply intuitive, unimposing manner quickly set me at ease. Our conversations would inevitably resonate with some part of me that felt the truth to what we discussed, as though in some way under the surface I had already known it. I have now worked with Janet in a number of different frameworks, as one of the many wonderful things about her teaching style is her openness to continue her own journey, learning and training and passing what she learns on to us. Yet no amount of teaching could ever replace the deep wisdom that she embodies. Janet asks the tough questions in the gentlest way, from a gentle, loving, wholly non-judgmental place of truth. She is able to challenge me in a way that echoes my own truths, leading to the most pure source of growth and learning. I would (and have!) recommended her to friends and family. I feel truly blessed to know Janet. Talking with her helps me to see my own strength and truth, and there is no greater gift than that.”

Marie, Ontario, Canada

“Janet helped me to uncover where in my life and relationships I was stuck and helped me to see a new perspective. She is a gifted coach and amazing person, I would highly recommend her!”

Kirstin C., California

“When I started the Calling in The One Group with life coach Janet Webber I thought it would be a piece of cake… turns out, it was tough. But, so worth it! As each of the 7 chapters and related assignments (exercises), actually got me closer to my authentic self, I realized my true value, and shed my (often confusing, subconscious) protections. Throughout the process, Janet was an exceptional coach, providing supportive guidance. She allowed each member of the group to find her own way, and in her own way. Yet, she infused the process with the perfect amount of structure, with injections of wisdom at exactly the right time. I really liked her feedback and also her summary after each meeting so we could easily refer to this when preparing for upcoming weeks. She is a fabulous life coach and I feel privileged to have access to her programs and services.”

M. S., Halifax, NS Canada

“Working with Janet as a life coach has been an amazing experience for me. Janet’s calm, sincere, and honest way of working with people makes her perfectly suited to being a life coach. Through personal discussion and the use of various exercises, she helped me to get in touch with my genuine self. She reminded me to follow my own instincts and helped me to move forward in my life’s work. I have been pleasantly surprised by how the universe has agreed with my decisions and provided me with positive opportunities and feedback. Thank you so much Janet!”

L.S., Hubbards, NS Canada

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