Professional Bio

For the past 5 years, Janet has been a Senior Mentor Coach and lead trainer for Katherine Woodward Thomas’ Calling in “The One” AND Conscious Uncoupling Coach Trainings, and has support 100’s of students to become Coaches of this profound work.

Janet is also a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach (2009); holds a Reality Therapy certification from the William Glasser Institute (2008); is formally trained in “The Work” of Byron Katie and is an Internal Family Systems (IFS), Therapist.

Janet has experience in working with addiction and spiritual principles through Al-Anon and other recovery groups. Janet has dedicated her life to helping all reach their fullest potential for love, true partnership and joy.


While I have made progress over my life through a variety of evolution-focused efforts, I can honestly say that the changes and healing I have experienced while working with Janet have been the most pronounced and obvious to me during a short-term period. She has a satchel full of tools that really work, and with her support I have been able to keep them a part of my daily practice. I am more loving with myself and that changes everything!

Louise M., Montana, USA

Once in a while a truly gifted teacher can guide you on a life altering journey. Janet is such a teacher and Calling in “The One”, the journey. I can personally say that this work brought My Love to my door! I am eternally grateful.

Jane C., NS, Canada

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