Conscious Uncoupling

As created by Katherine Woodward Thomas

Discover How to Release the Trauma of a Breakup, Reclaim Your Power & Reinvent Your Life…In Just 5 Weeks!

Most people gravely underestimate the deep pain and trauma that can come with the ending of a relationship.

Friends and family often make it worse by telling you things like “forget about him”, “she isn’t worth it” or “you’re too good for him”. These kinds of comments only leave you feeling more isolated with your pain.

Our culture is sadly misinformed about the lasting effects of a poorly navigated break-up. The old adage that time heals all wounds is NOT true when it comes to love. The devastating effects of a bad breakup can literally take you out of the game of love forever.

I know this from personal experience. I have lived the prolonged agony of losing someone I loved deeply. I searched for years for the answers that would help me put the ending of this relationship behind me so I could open my heart up to love again.

The Conscious Uncoupling course is the answer to that quest. It takes your heart and puts it back together again… but not just the way it was before, it opens your heart to more love and joy than you ever thought possible.  It doesn’t just give you your life back… it gives you a new life… a life truly worth living.

Regardless of which side of the ending you find yourself on… whether you are the one being left or the one considering leaving, Conscious Uncoupling will give you the tools to complete your relationship in a way that leaves you whole and ready to welcome new love into your life again.

Break Your Old Pattern Instead of Your Heart
• Step 1:  Finding Emotional Freedom Through the 3 keys to healing heartbreak, you will learn how to transform your difficult emotions into an extraordinary catalyst for your evolution and liberation.

• Step 2:  Reclaiming Your Power & Your Life Reconnect with your power, and begin to embody your most radiant self…not in spite of your breakup, but through deep healing of your breakup.

• Step 3:  Breaking The Pattern, Healing Your Heart Learn the 5-step process that will forever free you from old painful patterns in love…and weave a delicious new narrative that lights you up and leads you forward with power and possibility for healthy, happy love.

• Step 4:  Becoming A Love Alchemist Implement the keys to consciously and respectfully completing your relationship, liberating yourself from resentments and ‘baggage’, and learn to generate high magic that will create peace between yourself and your former partner, no matter how bad it’s been.

• Step 5:  Creating Your Happily Even After Life Engage a magical ritual that will empower you, your former partner and all involved to move forward toward loving completion, opening the floodgates of possibility to attract healthy, happy new love and generate a rich, rewarding future.

As your Certified Conscious Uncoupling coach, trained personally by program creator and best-selling relationship author Katherine Woodward Thomas MA, MFT, I will guide you through this uniquely powerful program, supporting you in healing breakup grief and stepping into your highest vision of yourself and your life. You will receive the personal guidance needed to transform this time of heartache, disappointment, shame and embarrassment into a healing, liberating and eventually, even a joyful experience.

If you would like to learn more about how I can support you… please email me at I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the Conscious Uncoupling process and/or how working together may support you move through this challenging time of your life. 

“Janet is an amazing coach – loving, supportive, intuitive, intelligent, knowledgeable, creative, generous, and fun. She has all of the qualities that I could dream of in a coach – and more! Janet has helped me on many levels – personally, professionally and spiritually. I can’t imagine not having her as a supportive, guiding light in my life. While I have made progress over my life through a variety of evolution-focused efforts, I can honestly say that the changes and healing I have experienced while working with Janet have been the most pronounced and obvious to me during a short-term period. She has a satchel full of tools that really work, and with her support I have been able to keep them a part of my daily practice. I am more loving with myself and that changes everything!”

Louise M., Montana, USA

“Janet was a steady light when I most needed guidance, support and direction.”

I have gone from feeling really sad, depressed and lonely to being ok with being on my own and by myself. Coming out of a deeply abusive relationship left me emotionally scarred. I was at a place where I’d become immobile and would have stayed that way and stayed stuck in old patterns had I not had some insight and support in getting clear of those.

I liked your soothing, clear voice and your willingness to really tune in and listen. When I was in pain and at my weakest, I knew you had a safe spot for me to land and to heal. That was deeply comforting since I had no support group when we started working together.

You were very tuned in. I appreciated your experience, your openness and willingness to help me clarify what I needed to get clear on and where I needed to place my focus.

I felt the sessions were timely and focused on the issues at hand. Each one was different and each time I left feeling more hopeful and expanded rather than constricted.

I’ve come to a place where I am much more at ease with who I am and being alone. It no longer terrifies me to see myself as being “single” I would say I am stronger, more confident and I am looking at my path with greater hope, knowing that better things are happening for me every day.

I just really enjoyed working with you! I have learned to relax a bit more and to listen to and take care of my needs. I’m still not where I want to be but I am crying a lot less and THAT is a great sign! I have found I am more happy and confident in my own skin and that has been a huge blessing. I think that knowing that I wasn’t alone has been huge for me…

Thanks so much for your support and insight! You are a very special light in my life!!!

Rae J, Nebraska, USA

“From the moment I started doing Conscious Uncoupling with Janet, I stopped feeling alone with my pain and heartbreak and instead started to feel Janet gently and competently take me by the hand and offer me her compassionate partnership, her intuitive and deep listening, her wise guidance through the challenge of all that I was going through. Inside of the safe space that Janet created and her fierce commitment to my growth, my pain started to heal and I, slowly but surely, started to feel empowered and self-confident again. Although our sessions ended just a few days ago, and I am in awe of all the life-changing effects that Janet’s coaching had on me. I feel a deep peace and love that has taken root inside of me. I have been able to experience deeply anchored healing and closure around my past relationship – to an extent that I never would have believed possible. And I am now embracing my new autonomy and feeling a bursting of possibility for new life and love. I have done all this without dishonoring or trying to “cancel” the very real love of my former partnership. I have come through this whole. Thank you Janet.”

Sarah S, Zürich, Switzerland

“This course transformed me from a victim in past relationships to a woman of power. It took me to my core issues of destructive beliefs and habits that kept me from having authentic, co-creative partnerships. I highly recommend Janet for her ability to hold space, conduct this work, and for her deep knowledge and compassion for helping others reach their highest potential.

I am now experiencing a real co-creative relationship for the first time in my life. The integrity I thought was impossible, is now the daily expression of my deepest joy. Janet’s ability to midwife me through the Conscious Uncoupling process has transformed my life.”

B. Lenco, NS, Canada

“Before beginning to work with Janet, I was highly skeptical of pretty much all self-help, life-coaching, and new age spirituality in general. Yet her deeply intuitive, unimposing manner quickly set me at ease. Our conversations would inevitably resonate with some part of me that felt the truth to what we discussed, as though in some way under the surface I had already known it. I have now worked with Janet in a number of different frameworks, as one of the many wonderful things about her teaching style is her openness to continue her own journey, learning and training and passing what she learns on to us. Yet no amount of teaching could ever replace the deep wisdom that she embodies.

Janet asks the tough questions in the gentlest way, from a gentle, loving, wholly non-judgmental place of truth. She is able to challenge me in a way that echoes my own truths, leading to the most pure source of growth and learning.

I would (and have!) recommended her to friends and family. I feel truly blessed to know Janet. Talking with her helps me to see my own strength and truth, and there is no greater gift than that.”

Marie C, Ontario, Canada

“Working with Janet as a life coach has been an amazing experience for me. Janet’s calm, sincere, and honest way of working with people makes her perfectly suited to being a life coach. Through personal discussion and the use of various exercises, she helped me to get in touch with my genuine self. She reminded me to follow my own instincts and helped me to move forward in my life’s work. I have been pleasantly surprised by how the universe has agreed with my decisions and provided me with positive opportunities and feedback. Thank you so much Janet!”

L.S., Hubbards, Nova Scotia Canada

“Janet helped me to uncover where in my life and relationships I was stuck and helped me to see a new perspective. She is a gifted coach and amazing person, I would highly recommend her!”

Kirstin C., California, USA

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