What will I learn?

You will learn how to become magnetic, drawing towards you all those things you most deeply desire to have in your life, including, of course, greater and greater levels of love and belonging. The Calling in “The One” coaching program, while highly informative, is primarily transformative in nature. You will have the opportunity not just to learn about the main obstacles to the experience and expression of love, but to actually discover and gain tremendous clarity about what your specific obstacles have been. You will learn how to identify and release the patterns, core beliefs and incompletions that have been preventing love from taking root in your life. And you will be given powerful tools to cause the future you desire.

Why should I take engage ‘one on one’ coaching as opposed to just reading the book?

Studies show that people are most successful at creating change in their lives when they are led by expert mentors. Janet has an excellent track record of helping people find true love. Her coaching provides a profound space of healing, transformation, inspiration and encouragement as she guides you through the Calling in “The One” program.

Can I really find love in just 7 weeks?

Many people do find love within this relatively short period of time. However, it is not the goal of the course. The real goal is to prepare you to receive a great love into your life, and for most people, that can certainly be accomplished in 7 weeks.

What if I don’t feel ready to be in a relationship? Should I still take the coaching program?

Many people take the program simply to complete past failed relationships, and to understand why they have created the same disappointing experiences over and over, so that they never have to repeat that same dynamic again. If you do not feel ready to bring a new love into your life, there is no pressure to do so at this time. The focus of a Calling in “The One” program is on creating your very best life so that you can attract your very best love if and when you are ready.

What if I am already in a relationship but want to make it better? Should I take the coaching program?

Many people who are already in committed relationships have taken the program. The 7-week process we engage includes removing the inner obstacles to love and it works as effectively if you are already in a relationship, as it does if you desire to find a partner and be in a relationship.

“The Calling in ‘The One’ process was absolutely life-changing. Not only did I meet my future husband as a result, but all the relationships in my life completely transformed. I’ve never felt so much love, connection, and intimacy before. I can’t recommend the program enough.”

Jane Simons, CA

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