About Janet

My name is Janet Webber and I believe it is the birthright of every single person on this planet to know and experience the deep and profound joy of true love and partnership.

I believe the experience of loving and being loved is as essential to our happiness as eating and drinking and that being in a loving relationship is one of the greatest joys of being human.

We were all born with the capacity to love and a deep yearning to be loved. I also know that if we aren’t experiencing the love we are desiring, it isn’t Life, the Universe, or God that is withholding love from us, it is we who are preventing love from coming to us.

My hope is that you will make the decision to not let even one more day of your life go by wishing for love, but rather make the commitment to find out why finding love has been such a struggle for you.

Trust me… I know about the struggle. Having had the experience of growing up with an angry and violent father, and then losing him to cancer when I was 13 years old, I went on to develop a severe eating disorder as a teenager.  What little confidence I had in my worthiness to be loved was replaced with what felt like a bottomless pit of self-loathing.

But, as is often the case for those of us with challenging beginnings, I felt called at an early age to know the truth about life.  I followed a strong inner urging to learn just about everything I could about life, love and relationships.


So… by the time I turned 51, not only had been working on myself for many years, but I had two Coaching Certifications under my belt. I had found my passion by empowering others to step into the highest vision for their lives. For me, Coaching was the love of my life, my absolute dream job! I was also living in paradise… I was happier than I had ever been in my life.

Things couldn’t have been better, except that… as a conscious, loving person with many good friends, many caring family members and two beautiful and accomplished daughters, I felt confused about why I was still single… why it felt like finding true love was right up there with winning the Lottery!

Then came the missing pieces in the form of Katherine Woodward Thomas’ Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling courses. I discovered the many ways that I had been co-creating my experience of being alone. Like many people, not having had the experience of what healthy love looks like or even feels like, there were developmental pieces that were missing in my quest for love.


I uncovered all the ways I was showing up that guaranteed my relationships would fail, and I learned the new skills and capacities I needed to create the kind of love I’d always longed for… AND lead the divinely inspired life that I felt called to live.

That’s when I decided to study with Katherine Woodward Thomas and become both a Calling in“The One” and Conscious Uncoupling coach. I wanted to do everything I could to help others understand how they, too, were the source of their experience so they could claim the love they so deeply desired.

All my hard worked paid off to me, too!

In more ways than I can convey. I can’t even to begin to express what it feels like to be truly seen by another…

to feel loved for the very first time.

It wasn’t that other people in my life hadn’t loved me… but I wasn’t able to feel their love, because at the deepest level I knew they didn’t SEE the REAL me! Because of all the work, I had done, I was finally able to open my heart and receive love.

Back to coaching… nothing brings me more joy than hearing the words from my clients that they have met someone they really, really LIKE! Or… helping them successfully navigate those early months when things are so tender and can so easily go off the rails.

In the past 10 years I have supported hundreds of people, through both the Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling courses, to find love and graduate from the painful patterns prevent real intimacy and to find the love they truly desire.

It’s become my mission in life to replace your confusion with clarity, power and possibility! To turn your despair into hope… to turn your dreams into reality!


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